The only zit killer you’ll ever need


clarifies, repairs, oxygenates

  • Reduces and controls breakouts and blemishes while killing bacteria
  • Restores skin clarity
  • Reduces purging, dryness, sensitivity and redness of blemishes
  • Heals without scarring the skin
  • Provides a holistic treatment, localized or hormonal acne



While creating our signature acne line, Union Street Apothecary talked to many people that were bundling up on 2-4 products for their acne care regimen. Along with adults, teenagers especially, found it a hassle to be using so many products to treat their acne. Union Street Apothecary learned from these insights and designed a product that was very convenient yet effective that controls, clears, repairs in a single bottle. Trademarked in 2005, the powerful and potent “Zit Killer” is a standalone, time-releasing product that combines the power-packed, zit-killing action that the skin needs, adding a bit of simplicity to one’s individual skincare regimen.


Shahid Hassan, Formulator

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