Provides intense hydration and repairs oxidative damage


This intense hydrating balm promotes collagen synthesis and optimizes cell renewal. Neutralizes free radical and repairs oxidative damage.

This is an SOS balm for dehydrated, dry or oily skin as well as sun burnt, environmentally damaged and irritated skin. Contains properties that promote anti-aging and evens out the skin.

This is our oldest formulation, since 1993



“An error of a chemist which result in an amazing product.” The year was 1993 and Hassan was in his lab making a Vitamin C cream; amidst the process, a client walked in. Hassan, now busy entertaining the client, forgot about his cream. By the time he realized this, he thought that it had spoiled, so as he was trying to clean out the beaker– a miracle happened. He rubbed some of this formulae on his hands and there, in front of him, a new product blossomed.


Shahid Hassan, Formulator

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