A refreshing aromatic toner that you can feel










This is Union Street Apothecary’s oldest and most iconic product till date. This idea came to Hassan 25 years ago during a late winter morning walk. He was passing through the foggy redwoods when he felt a strong misty wave in the atmosphere. He breathed in deeply, soaking in his childhood and the familiar scent of the fresh, dewy air that reminded him of the place he grew up in. He I wondered how he I could emulate this refreshing sensation; so he returned to his lab and worked tirelessly with a toner base, he used pure essential oils to give his signature formulation a floral, earthy, revitalizing smell. Our clients all felt that this ‘magic mist’ had left their skin feeling invigorated yet calm. Revitalizing Aroma Mist a multifunctional product that serves as a toner, mist, and spritzer, leaving you hydrated, calm and refreshed all throughout the year.


Shahid Hassan, Formulator

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