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The idea of a Skin-care Apothecary came to Hassan, an overzealous, eccentric chemist, in 1992, at a drugstore. He was perusing the labels of a few generic yet overpriced skincare products. Much to his dismay, he noticed that the products contained many unnecessary types of fillers with only a few active ingredients. This led Hassan to embark on a journey to experiment and create a unique skincare line. After finding great success with his very first face moisturizer, Vitamin C Balm, he was inspired to create his first line Science Behind Nature with natural, non-toxic, cruelty-free, and filler-free ingredients; hence Union Street Apothecary was conceived–a contemporary boutique line of custom hand-blended and in-house skin care products. With over 25 years of customer care and satisfaction, Hassan’s passion for skincare health has finally enabled him to bring his scientific research, knowledge, and experience to people of all skin types, conditions, and ages–globally.




Hassan’s curiosity of reading ingredient labels turned into the conception of a customized skin care boutique. A bonafide chemist and expert formulator, Hassan found many of the skin care products in the market to have contained unnecessary fillers, with very few active ingredients. Thus, he was inspired to create his product lines without any ‘fillers’ and ‘fluff.’ Eager to gain thorough knowledge about skincare and how to best customize his formulations for clients, Hassan completed further education at a beauty school–as an esthetician. This scientist didn’t stop there, he expanded the business by adding aromatherapy and perfumes; he credits his mother for the knowledge. During his childhood, Hassan basked around the different fragrances of his mother’s outstanding perfume collection. He developed a sharp sense of smell and understanding of the different tonal values of a scent. His mother’s favorite perfume “An Evening in Paris” inspired Hassan to start a collection of his own at Union Street Apothecary. Even now, you can find Hassan consulting with his clients to find the perfume that best complements their individual aura. Hassan’s passion, of a chemist combined with the knowledge of an esthetician, makes Union Street Apothecary stand tall and proud for 25 years.



Seema is an esthetician and skin care consultant with 30 years of experience in this field. Her interests are quite varied; her educational background includes double masters in political science & tourism, fashion designing and cosmetology training from the renowned Shahnaz Husain Cosmetology Institute in India. Because of the keen interest and natural skill in skin care, she decided to further her education and training in this field after moving to California. She obtained her esthetician certification in San Francisco, European facial and skin analysis training in Los Angeles, along with training in microdermabrasion and skin peels in Santa Cruz. She has gained expertise in various other spa services like waxing, threading and eyebrow shaping. Her expertise in the art of eyebrow shaping earned her a unique title of “lady with the magic fingers” by “7 by 7” magazine!